Harford Trade Organization



Welcome to HTO! This is your space! A FREE space if you are in the trades! We created it for you! HTO is a space for trades organizations to network and build relationships to help you grow your business! You won’t get bombarded by sales people who want to sell you something. The way the platform is created, we are industry exclusive for businesses outside of the trades.

Trade businesses/a skilled trade, also known as a vocational or trade skill, refers to a type of occupation or profession that requires specialized training, knowledge, and expertise in a particular field. These professions typically involve working with one’s hands and often require a practical or technical skill set.

What does that mean?

1 insurance agent, 1 marketing company, 1 financial advisor, ect. These businesses are vetted by our team to make sure they bring something to the table for YOU! All outside organizations will be required to pay a fee to be members. 

What do you get as a trade? 

You get access to our directory of members, access to the monthly mix and mingle and a spot on our social media. All for FREE!